Terms of Payment of the Service

Please read these Terms of Service Payment (“Payment Terms”) carefully, as they contain important information about legal rights, resources and obligations. By using the Payment Services (as defined below), you agree to abide by and submit to these Payment Terms.

Last update: January 11, 2019

These Terms of Payment constitute a legally binding contract (“Contract”) between you and Migohood (as defined below) that governs the Payment Services (defined below) performed through or in connection with the Platform of Migohood

When these Terms of Payment refer to “Migohood”, “we,” “us,” or “our,” they will refer to the Migohood company with which you sign a contract for Payment Services, which may be Migo Hood LLC ( “Migohood USA”) and Migohood SAS (“Migohood COL”). The entity with which you contract will be determined, in general, for each payment depending on your Country of Residence.

If your Country of Residence is the United States, you are signing a contract with Migohood USA, a subsidiary of Migo Hood LLC.
If your Country of Residence is Colombia, you are signing a contract with Migohood COL, a subsidiary of Migohood S.A.S

If you change your country of residence, the Migohood company with which you sign the contract will be determined by your new Country of Residence in accordance with the provisions set forth above from the date your country of residence changes. However, keep in mind that the Migoohood company with which you sign the contract will remain the same for all reservations made prior to the change of residence.

The Migohood Terms of Service (“Migohood Terms”) are governed separately, according to your use of the Migohood Platform. All terms written in capital letters will refer to the provisions of the Terms of Migohood b unless otherwise stipulated in these Terms of Payment.

In some situations, customers may be asked to formalize timely agreements to process payments with Migohood. In the event that there is any contradiction between these Payment Terms and the terms and conditions set forth in any applicable payment processing agreement, the provisions of the latter shall prevail unless expressly provided otherwise.

The collection and use of personal information in relation to your access and use of Payment Services is described in the Migohood Privacy Policy

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1. Scope and use of Payment Services

1.1 Migohood provides payment services to Members, including collection and payment services, in connection with, and through, the Migohood Platform (“Payment Services”). Please note that “Payment Services” includes the Migohood services associated with the Ads.

1.2 Migohood may temporarily restrict and in accordance with the legitimate interests of the Members (for example: by providing prior notification) the availability of the Payment Services or certain services or functionalities thereof, in order to apply maintenance measures that guarantee the Proper functioning of the Payment Services or to improve it. Migohood may improve, enhance and modify the Payment Services and introduce new Payment Services from time to time. Migohood will provide Members with notice of any changes to the Payment Service, unless these changes are minor and do not produce material effects on the contractual obligations of the parties.

1.3 Payment Services may contain links to third-party websites or resources (“Third Party Services”). Such Third Party Services are subject to different terms, conditions and privacy practices and Members should review them independently. Migohood is not responsible for or responsible for the availability or accuracy of such Third Party Services or the content, products or services available from those Third Party Services. The links to said Third Party Services do not imply that Migohood endorses such Third Party Services.

1.4 You may not use the Payment Services except to the extent authorized by United States law, the laws of the jurisdiction