Migohood is a marketplace of local and native experiences, which seek to highlight the cultural, environmental and social heritage of the country. We gather and select the most creative hosts to offer unique experiences, responsible and oriented to meet the needs and demands of today's travelers.



We look for experiences that support local communities, celebrate cultural traditions, preserve historical sites and love to share their passion and knowledge with travelers.

Responsible Experiences

We are curators and showcase of the most responsible and sustainable experiences in the country.

Friendly Experiences

We are friendly with people, with animals, with the environment and we seek to generate a social impact focused on the future: The future of tourism in Colombia.

Connect with Colombia responsibly.

We are aware of the reality of the country and understand that tourism is the engine of change. We seek through this project to imagine, create and execute tourism experiences, changing the faces of the post-conflict through experiences guided and told by people who are part of the historical memory of the Colombian armed conflict.
Our Purpose: to foster resilience, training and inclusion of vulnerable populations, through tangible economic opportunities for key actors, based on long-term projects.